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Comfort Travel Reisebüro Management Lotte Spanninger

Comfort Travel
Founded in 1992 as a limited liability company; unlimited travel agency and tour and travel operator licence

With the appointment of Lotte Spanninger as Manager, Comfort Travel has gone from strength to strength

Company strategy
Quality instead of quantity with an optimal price service relationship

Our policy is
Customer oriented service with highest possible attention of guest’s individual preferences.

Comfort Travel as:


Travel Agency
individual travellers are thoroughly and expertly
advised, on the basis of our exceptional indepth
knowledge of our field large number of
international contacts and our wealth of
experience by the Manager.


Tour and Travel Operator
Special incentive and group package tours. Whether our customers be the
media, companies, clubs/associations, private groups,
we tailor our tours to meet their special interests
(art/culture, gourmet, fashion,... nature, sport, adventure). Naturally we have some program highlights in store for you. All of our travellers will have memorable experiences which will leave you longing to go on your next Comfort Travel holiday